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By Tim Miller

This article brings jointly the non-public, communal, and nationwide political strands that interweave during the author's paintings from its beginnings and defines his position as a latest artist, activist, and homosexual guy.

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Sometimes I am too easy on myself; the next moment I describe some ordinary selfish moment more brutally than it probably deserves. As I look at Alistair writing away in his hut thousands of miles away from the land where he grew up, how can I hope in my own writing to get at the knotty tendons of how complex our real life is? ) out of the tube and onto your trembling toothbrush (or tumescent red-purple cock). Like Pepé Le Pew forever caught in the grasp of a Warner Brothers cartoon laundry wringer, I am in trouble every time I start to write down what has gone on in my life.

I learned that as salubrious as it is to spew those garbanzos in the privacy of your own three-ring binder, it’s even better to spread them out à la carte for all to see. 1 earthquake, I have always seen writing about my life to be a fundamental act of knowing myself, of claiming space, and of simple survival. The act of remembering and sharing that memory with others became a crucial way to survive the shit that the world would strew in my path. I figured that if Rousseau’s autobiographical ranting could start the French Revolution, my own might at least get me through high school so I could finally find a boyfriend.

And now everybody is supposed to sit tight and hope we don’t destroy the world. Us or them. The big joke. Here living in mondo cosmo Nuevo York I have never even met a Russian, except for the guys in the cabs that drive like nuts. Do they count? S. (that means us) will cool it with the big rip-off around the world and they’ll get off the can, those Politburo insurance salesmen, and we can all have a big party on a wheat field in Nebraska, and I’ll get to swap Thomas Wolfe for Vladimir Mayakovsky and make out with some Russian in a missile silo.

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