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Note 2 — Plates with universal rolled edges will be gas cut to length only. A-2015 TABLE 10 PERMITTED VARIATIONS IN DIAMETER FOR GAS-CUT CIRCULAR PLATES (Applies to Alloy Steel Specifications Only) Specified Diameter, in. A to 1, excl To 32, excl 32 to 84, excl 84 to 108, excl 108 to 130, incl A 1 to 2, excl 2 to 4, excl 1 1 3 1 5 7 ⁄2 ⁄2 5 ⁄8 7 ⁄8 ⁄2 ⁄8 3 ⁄4 1 4 to 6, excl 3 ⁄4 ⁄8 1 11⁄8 ⁄4 1 11⁄8 11⁄4 6 to 8, excl 1 11⁄8 11⁄4 13⁄8 8 to 15, incl 1 11⁄4 13⁄8 11⁄2 No permitted variation under specified diameter.

5 to 10, excl Over 5 ⁄8 1 Note 1— Where “. . ” appears in this table, there is no requirement. A Greatest cross-sectional dimension. A-2015 SA-6/SA-6M TABLE 20 PERMITTED VARIATIONS IN END OUT-OF-SQUARE FOR S, M, C, MC, L, T, Z, AND BULB ANGLE SHAPES Shapes S, M, C, and MC LA Bulb angles Rolled TeesA Zees Permitted Variation 1 ⁄64 in. per inch of depth ⁄128 in. per inch of leg length or 11⁄2° 3 ⁄128 in. per inch of depth or 11⁄2° 1 ⁄64 in. per inch of flange or stem 3 ⁄128 in. per inch of sum of both flange lengths 3 A Permitted variations in end out-of-square are determined on the longer members of the shape.

In thickness, consult the manufacturer for permitted variations in length. Smaller sizes and shorter lengths are not commonly hot sawed. TABLE 31 PERMITTED VARIATIONS IN LENGTH FOR BARS RECUT BOTH ENDS AFTER STRAIGHTENINGA,B Sizes of Rounds, Squares, Hexagons, Width of Flats and Maximum Dimension of Other Sections, in. To 3, incl Over 3 to 6, incl Over 6 to 8, incl Rounds over 8 to 10, incl Permitted Variations from Specified Lengths Given in Feet, in. , incl, in width, and over 3 in. in thickness, consult the manufacturer or processor for permitted variations in length.

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