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By Walter J. Savitch

For undergraduate scholars in machine technological know-how and laptop Programming classes. Praised for delivering an enticing stability of considerate examples and explanatory dialogue, best-selling writer Walt Savitchs clarify innovations and strategies in an easy type utilizing comprehensible language and code better by means of a collection of pedagogical instruments. Absolute Java is suitable for either introductory and intermediate programming classes introducing Java.

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The error message may not be easy to understand, but at least it lets you know that something is wrong. A mistake in the underlying algorithm for your program is called a logic error. If your program has only logic errors, it will compile and run without any error message. You have written a valid Java program, but you have not written a program that does what you want. The program runs and gives output, but the output is incorrect. For example, if you were to mistakenly use the multiplication sign in place of the addition sign, it would be a logic error.

In this section, we give you an overview of the Java programming language. Origins of the Java Language ★ Java is well-known as a programming language for Internet applications. However, this book, and many other books and programmers, consider Java a general-purpose programming language that is suitable for most any application, whether it involves the Internet or not. The first version of Java was neither of these things, but it evolved into both. In 1991, James Gosling led a team at Sun Microsystems that developed the first version of Java (which was not yet called Java).

15 16 CHAPTER 1 primitive types Getting Started Java has basic types for characters, different kinds of integers, and different kinds of floating-point numbers (numbers with a decimal point), as well as a type for the values true and false. These basic types are known as primitive types. 2 shows all of Java’s primitive types. The preferred type for integers is int. The type char is the type for single characters and can store common Unicode characters. The preferred type for floating-point numbers is double.

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